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pdf WHS PRO 031 Management of Independent Contractors Popular

This procedure outlines the Work Health and Safety (WHS) responsibilities of employers towards independent contractors, and sets out a process that will assist in making sure that those responsibilities are met.

Associated documents:

document WHS022 Contractor WHS Checklist (103 KB)

document WHS023 Contractor WHS Management System (152 KB)

spreadsheet WHS024 List of Approved Independent Contractors (19 KB)

pdf HR PRO 009 Induction (123 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 029 WHS Induction Popular

The purpose of this procedure is to provide new workers with an introduction to workplace health and safety policies and procedures at ACBC Agencies.  It forms part of the overall induction process for new workers and should be read in conjunction with HR-PRO-009:  Induction.

Associated documents:

pdf HR PRO 009 Induction (123 KB)

document HR014 Induction Checklist (205 KB)

document ACBC WHS Induction (764 KB)


pdf WHS PRO 028 WHS Audits Popular

Audits are conducted on the ACBC Work Health and Safety Management System in order to:

  • assess compliance of the ACBC’s WHS management system with the requirements of WHS legislation in various jurisdictions
  • assess the extent of implementation of the ACBC’s WHS management system in the operations and activities of ACBC Agencies, and
  • to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the ACBC’s WHS policy and procedures

A WHS Audit assists in providing evidence that a PCBU has taken reasonable steps to ensure that effective systems are in place to provide and maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the processes developing and conducting Work Health and Safety Audits at Australian Catholic Bishops Conference workplaces.

pdf WHS PRO 023 Electrical Safety Popular

The aim of this procedure is to provide a process to identify and control electrical risks in the workplace. The intention is to prevent as far as reasonably practicable injury arising from the use of electrical equipment, electrical installations or from electrical work being carried out in ACBC workplaces.

pdf WHS PRO 022 First Aid Arrangements Popular

This procedure describes the process by which first aid requirements are assessed and provided at ACBC Agencies.

Associated documents:

document WHS014 First Aid Assessment (354 KB)

document WHS015 Register of First Aid Treatment (338 KB)

document WHS016 First Aid Kit Contents Checklist (361 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 021 Emergency Wardens Popular

The aim of this procedure is to ensure that:

  • There are adequate arrangements to deal with emergencies at ACBC agencies
  • appropriate training is given to all workers that have been assigned a role in the control of emergencies at ACBC workplaces

Associated document:

WHS PRO 020 Emergency Procedures

pdf WHS PRO 019 Incident Notification Popular

We have a legislative obligation to report some types of accidents and incidents to the State/Territory WorkCover Authority. 

This procedure outlines our obligations, and our process for reporting these accidents and incidents.

pdf WHS PRO 018 Reporting & Investigating Incidents & Hazards Popular

In order to improve health and safety at our workplaces, it is vitally important for all employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors to report any incidents or hazards at the workplace.  This enables us to investigate the issues raised and to implement effective corrective actions.

This procedure sets out a process for reporting and investigating incidents and hazards. 

Associated documents:

document WHS009 Incident,Hazard Reporting & Investigation (426 KB)

document WHS006 Notification of Receipt of Incident,Hazard Report (327 KB)

document WHS007 Notification of Findings and Corrective Action (328 KB)


pdf WHS PRO 017 Workplace Inspections Popular

We all have an obligation to keep our workplaces safe and to proactively seek to address hazards which may be present in our workplaces.

We do this by systematically inspecting our workplaces and addressing any hazards that are found.  This procedure describes the way in which these inspections are to be carried out.

Associated document:

spreadsheet WHS008 Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist (23 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 014 Working at Heights Popular

The purpose of this process is to provide guidance on a risk management approach to the prevention of falls at our workplaces.  In most cases work at heights will be carried out by independent contractors.  In the office environment, working at heights is restricted to the use of ladders, stepladders and step-stools.

pdf WHS PRO 013 Plant and Equipment Safety Popular

During the course of work we are required to use items of plant and equipment which rely on an external source of power such as electricity, gas or petrol such as lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, hole punchers and binding machines.  It is important to be able to use items such as these safely.

The purpose of this procedure is to set out the basic principles for managing the safety of items of plant and equipment used in our workplaces.  The overarching principle is to provide a systematic method for identifying and controlling risks to health and safety to people, the environment or property

pdf WHS PRO 012 Noise Popular

The purpose of this procedure is to protect ACBC workers from the health hazards which may result from exposure to hazardous noise at ACBC workplaces. This is achieved by the identification, assessment and control of hazardous noise.
Managing the risks related to noise will help to:

  • Protect workers from hearing loss and other hearing problems (e.g. tinnitus)
  • Improve the ability to hear warning sounds
  • Create a less stressful work environment

Associated documents:

document WHS025 Noise Identification Assessment & Control Checklist (142 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 011 Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials Popular

This procedure provides guidance on how to manage risks associated with asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) in the workplace so that risk to workers of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer are eliminated or minimised.   This procedure gives information on how to identify the presence of asbestos at the workplace and how to implement measures to eliminate or minimise the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibers.

Associated document:

document WHS026 Asbestos Register (335 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 009 Hazardous Manual Handling Popular

Musculoskeletal injuries are the most common type of injury experienced by office workers.  The aim of this process is to identify activities which may have a component of hazardous manual handling, to assess the degree to which these activities may result in manual handling injuries and to implement control measures to reduce these risks as far as practicable.

Associated documents:

document WHS002 Hazardous Manual Handling ID (360 KB)

document WHS003 Hazardous Manual Handling Risk Assessment & Control (364 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 007 Risk Management Process Popular

Risk assessment and risk control is an essential part of managing workplace health and safety. It enables us to implement appropriate measures to control foreseeable risks to health and safety in our workplaces.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that a systematic process is used to identify, assess and control risks to workplace health and safety arising from activities undertaken by the ACBC and its agencies.

This procedure describes the process of risk management, which is the overall process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation, risk control and review.

Associated documents:

document WHS001 Risk ID, Assessment & Control (344 KB)

pdf WHS PRO 006 WHS Issue Resolution Popular

This procedure applies when a work health and safety matter is raised through the standard process for reporting and investigation of incidents and hazards but has not been resolved to the satisfaction of any party.

pdf WHS PRO 005 WHS Committees Popular

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the processes for consultation, formation and operation of Work Health and Safety Committees at Australian Catholic Bishops Conference workplaces.

pdf WHS PRO 003 Consultatative Arrangements Popular

Employers are required by legislation to consult with workers on any issue or situation which may have an effect on their health and safety at work.  The ACBC recognises the importance of consultation with workers on health and safety matters in developing and implementing processes which will assist in making our workplaces safe.

There several avenues through which consultation takes place.  These are detailed in this procedure.

In addition, the ACBC has formed a WHS Network, which is consulted on matters relating to WHS policies and procedures.  The members of this group represent each of our workplaces.  They are consulted on development of policies and processes.  Part of their role is to forward proposed policies and procedures to employees at their workplaces for input.  The feedback obtained is considered by the Network in developing policies and procedures.

pdf WHS PRO 001 Document Control Popular

This procedure describes the way in which ACBC policies, guidelines, procedures and forms are generated, approved and issued.