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Approach to privacy compliance

The Australian Privacy Act 1988 applies to organisations with an annual turnover of $3 million or more, including businesses and not-for-profit organisations in relation to most of the personal information they collect and hold. Other organisations are exempt from compliance. Whether or not a particular church body, such as a Parish, has this kind of turnover, all church bodies are asked by the Bishops to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act regardless of turnover when collecting and handling personal information. The interdependent nature of church organisations requires the adoption of common understandings about protecting private information. It is important that all in the Church develop and maintain a culture which respects and values personal information. This can be achieved by compliance with the Privacy Act.

The following documents give an overview of the Australian Privacy Principles and guidance on how to comply with the Privacy Act.


document 2014 Privacy overview and APP summary and checklist for church bodies Popular

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