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In this section a number of resources are being developed for parishes. These resources include best practice employment guidelines, policies, templates, occupational health and safety information and checklists.

Parishes are invited to download and use these documents under their own logo.

Assistance with any of these documents is available by calling the Office for Employment Relations.


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Conditions of Employment

  • Check whether your parish has adopted a set of Conditions of Employment with your Parish Priest
  • Check whether your Diocese has adopted a set of Conditions of Employment with the Business Manager or your Diocese

If the above do not apply then your conditions of employment are likely to be as stated in the National Employment Standards.

You may wish to adopt a similar set of Conditions of Employment as the ACBC, however this can only occur through your standard processes of consultation and approval.   

Sources of Conditions of Employment

Conditions of employment are regulated by four main instruments:

  • State and Federal Legislation – e.g. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (for those covered by the Federal industrial relations system) or State Long Service Leave legislation.
  • Industrial Awards – Modern Awards (e.g. Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010) Workplace Agreements – e.g. Enterprise agreements under the Fair Work Act.
  • Common law contract of employment

In some cases employees may be covered by more than one instrument.  It is a complex matter to determine the order of precedence of each source of entitlements.  In these instances the employer should seek specialist IR advice.
National Employment Standards These are a set of ten minimum conditions which apply to employees covered by the federal industrial relations system.  They include maximum weekly hours of work, requests for flexible working arrangements, parental leave, annual leave, personal/carer’s leave, community services leave, long service leave, public holidays, notice of termination and redundancy pay and provision of a Fair Work Information Statement.  For detailed information on these standards refer to the Fair Work website:


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