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HR-PRO-021 Annual Leave.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) recognises the need for rest from work to refresh body and mind, and to achieve a genuine work-life balance. The ACBC encourages workers to take regular breaks from work to enhance their quality of life. Workers and supervisors should give consideration to the prevention of injury and illness through physical and mental fatigue. This ACBC procedure outlines the entitlement and arrangements for taking annual leave.

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  document Application for Leave of Absence Form (29 KB)

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HR-PRO-005 Conditions of Employment.pdf

The procedure below describes the process for review, amendment, approval and distribution of ACBC Conditions of Employment.

The current ACBC Conditions of Employment can be accessed here:

pdf ACBC Conditions of Employment (287 KB)

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HR-PRO-004 Recruitment and Selection.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) aims to attract and retain the most suitably qualified workers.  This procedure is developed according to the ACBCs Anti-discrimination Policy and aims to conduct employee recruitment and selection in a non-discriminatory manner and on the basis of merit.

 This procedure applies to recruitment and selection in all ACBC agencies.  It does not apply to the engagement of independent contractors, volunteers or the engagement of clergy and religious. 

Associated documents:

pdf Advertising guidelines (229 KB)

document Job application collection notice (336 KB)

pdf Interview Questions guidelines (108 KB)

pdf Reference Check guidelines (131 KB)

document HR006 Recruitment and Selection Checklist (402 KB)

document HR007 Selection Criteria Shortlisting (361 KB)

document HR009 Reference Check Sheet (401 KB)

document HR011 Acknowledgement of application letter (25 KB)

document HR012 Unsuccessful from Shortlisting letter (25 KB)

document HR013 Unsuccessful after interview (27 KB)