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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) recognises the personal dignity and rights of children and vulnerable adults towards whom it has a special responsibility and duty of care and respect. All ACBC workers including contractors and volunteers undertake to create a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults and to prevent their neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual exploitation.

The ACBC will not tolerate any form of child abuse or sexual exploitation including the possession or access to child pornography, as well as, any other form of activity that diminishes the dignity of a child or vulnerable adult.

The ACBC takes its duty of care seriously and commits to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults from various types of harm, abuse and exploitation in the delivery of services within Australia and overseas. For this reason, the ACBC has developed the following guidelines which aim to protect the rights of children and vulnerable adults, as well as ACBC workers and representatives, through outlining systems and mechanisms for raising awareness, preventing, reporting and responding to issues related to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.